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What is
Yoorz ID?

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Friends don’t let friends accept friend requests unless they have been verified by Yoorz! Y ID has an instant verification process.

Date Verification

With Yoorz, you can verify the persons age, height, weight, etc., prior to showing up for the first date. What you see is what you get. No more disappointing dates.


The measurement and analysis of unique physical or behavioral characteristics (such as fingerprint, facial, iris or voice patterns) especially as a means of verifying personal identity.

Friend Requests

Employee Hiring

Yoorz is for business. Easily check potential new hire’s, partners, associates, etc. Verify professional licenses to ensure they are current and valid. Just remember that if a person has nothing to hide then they should be willing to provide you the necessary information to prove their identity.

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We don’t want you giving out your personal information to strangers and we encourage you to think before signing up with just any verification company. We protect your valuable personal information in a highly secured platform. We have the servers, knowledge and teams in place to make your experience nothing but positive. Our technology and algorithms are tested to be as accurate as possible.

We are taking this matter to Congress and asking that this crime to be charged as a Class D Felony as it should be. Without a doubt, it’s one of the most dangerous and deceptive scams out there. Romance scams are unlawful, harmful, and life threatening. It’s absolutely unjust if we allow these predators and con artists to steal from us and take everything we have worked so hard to obtain.
Our company was founded on the principle of safety and accuracy and high end customer service. We don’t compromise or take short cuts when it comes to keeping you safe. After all, the founder of our company went through this personally and lost over 1.5 Million of her hard earned savings to one man who changed her life forever. You have to have lived this to be able to empathize and make a difference. We understand and that is why we are fighting for you. We want to be the change we seek. Therefore, we are not going to sit back and wait for another person to make policy. With your help and you referring our site to your friends and family and anyone you care about, together we will make a difference. Please do not let your trust over rule your logic. TRUST BUT VERIFY !

Note from the team..


one of a kind technology

Explore a whole new patented
Identity Verification


powerfull & versatile

Integrates with
Social Media & B2B Platforms

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Interview with Kelley

Listen to an interview with Kelley regarding online dating scams. She has extensive knowledge about the laws that govern on-line crimes and is building solid relationships with government agencies as well as victim assistant programs. Kelley had a bill s 5530 introduced into legislation and is working on getting bipartisan support at the federal level so that all states will have laws in affect that will hold these perpetrators accountable.

The Story behind YoorzID

Kelley Cahill

Founder and CEO

About Kelley

Kelley Cahill has dedicated her life to highlighting online scams and exposing con artists. She was conned out of a total of 1.5 million dollars by a man she met on MATCH.COM who claimed he was divorced but was actually married. Kelley has spent the last 10 years seeking justice and advocating for other victims both male and female to identify scammers and predators.


Mutual Funds Representative, Peak; Financial Security Advisor, Financial Horizons

Kelley works tirelessly to help protect past, present and future victims targeted online by financial predators. Her determination efforts to effect legislative reform signals the urgent need to address the ever changing virtual face of enterprising online financial criminals who target individuals by proposing business and personal investments with the intent of stealing assets and money.

Michelle Daines

CEO Founder at Global Resource
Specialize in resource
Crypto-currency, CBD,
Gold and Bank Instruments



Kelly, is a person of integrity and honesty. Through out my interaction with her not only was she professional and personable but I can tell that she is truly passionate about her mission to protect women from predators with her incredible company . I would recommend her services with out any reservation.

Adam Russell

Her work is her passion and love. What she is doing is providing a much needed service and getting the fakes to justice. It is always better to be safe than sorry. In fact her work is worth emulating in other fields and expanding.It is her thoughtful insights, that have given me the idea to expand similar work to healthcare providers.

Arvind c Kacker

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